Please allow us this opportunity to familiarize you with our estate services concerning appraisals, the management of household sales and real estate.  Over the past twenty-five years Sawyer Antiques has been involved in appraising and marketing the contents of many of the Berkshire's finest homes.  These estates include the home of Charles H. Peter Derby for Williston Academy, Lynnwood for the Norman Rockwell Museum, Thistlewood for Mr. and Mrs. W. E. D. Stokes, South Mountain House for the South Mountain Concert Society and many others.

Edward Sawyer is an Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers.  This organization boasts a membership of highly trained ethical persons who are involved in the buying, selling and appraising of art and antiques on a day to day basis.  Should you require an estate appraisal, this can usually be arranged within a week.

Scott Sawyer first became involved in the antiques business in 1974, becoming a partner of Sawyer Antiques in 1988.  In 1991 he became an agent for Stone House Properties Real Estate.   He has enjoyed working with this respected firm and has been a  successful addition to their staff.  Stone House Properties has a capable team of agents licensed in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut.  His knowledge of both the real estate and antiques markets has been a convenient and efficient solution in settling many estates and eliminates the need for yet another expert in sales.

The reputation of Sawyer Antiques to knowledgeably appraise and market antiques and household contents has been well established throughout the years.  It allows us to sell fine art and antiques, in addition to items mundane as kitchen appliances for full retail value.

When we manage an on-site contents sale we rely on our extensive mailing list, comprising the names of nearly two hundred customers who have spent at least one thousand dollars at our previous sales.  These collectors and dealers create a competitive buying environment enabling us to aggressively market antiques and household contents.  Although we advertise in local papers and antiques journals, the mailing list brings in customers who have consistently patronized Sawyer Antiques' Estate Sales.

Resourcefulness is crucial in determining the best market for a particular work of art or antique.  Unlike some household liquidation services, our knowledge of art and antiques is extensive.  Today's market requires a sensitive expertise to know when and where to consign an item to auction for the highest gain.  Our familiarity with the Berkshire County, New York and Boston Auction Markets has proved fruitful in gaining the highest possible prices for those high end items which may not be appropriate for an on-site sale.

References which may be of interest to you include the following:

    Mr. Thomas Gardner at (413) 698-2765

    Attorney Kelton Burbank at (413) 499-4722

    Attorney Jessie Doyle Deely at (413) 243-2720

    Dr. and Mrs. Wynn A. Sayman at (413)-698-2272

We are very flexible in tailoring our services to specific needs.